Refractory Industry

There is very little in our daily lives that is not impacted by refractories. Refractories play a major role in the production of countless amenities and necessities we rely on every day such as the glass containers we drink from or use to store our foods, the fuel we use to power our vehicles and farm machinery, the roads and bridges we use for transportation, and the modern technologies we enjoy.

Christy Minerals mines and processes Missouri Fireclay from some of the highest quality deposits in the world. In order to assure a consistent finished product for our customers’ applications we start by selectively mining the clays and sorting the best quality using both state of the art analytical equipment and qualitative methods supported by years of experience. Next this clay is transported to our High Hill, MO manufacturing plant and calcined in our rotary kiln under controlled conditions to maximize both mullite formation and density. Once the quality has been approved, the Kiln Run is stored under roof for shipment directly to customers with their own crushing and screening equipment or crushed and screened to order in our facility.

Our Calcined Flint Clay is available in a wide range of sizes from coarse-graded aggregates to fines produced in one of our two ball mill systems. We are located close to a major interstate for easy truck transportation, close to the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers for transportation by barge, and are serviced by the Norfolk and Southern Railroad for rail transport.

Christy Minerals Calcined Flint Clay is used in refractory castable, refractory brick, mortar, plastics and shaped refractory pieces. Calcined Flint Clay is available in bulk, 50lb bags, 100lb bags, or bulk bags.

Christy Minerals Hawthorn Bond® Clay is a Missouri fireclay exhibiting high plasticity and refractoriness. Hawthorn Bond is well suited for refractory plastics and mortars, as well as refractory bricks and fired shapes. Hawthorn Bond is crushed and screened to 20mesh, 35mesh, 40mesh, and 50mesh and available in bulk, 50lb bags, 100lb bags, or bulk bags.

Christy Minerals Raw No 2 Missouri Flint Clayis a plastic fireclay sold as mine run and is used for the manufacture of refractory bricks in facilities with their own crushing capabilities. Plastic fireclay is available in bulk shipments.

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