Fluid Bed Boilers

Bubbling Bed and Recirculating Fluidized Bed boilers require a bed media which can withstand the harsh and varying operating conditions experienced. Christy Minerals Calcined Flint Clay for Fluid Bed Boilers answers the call. Our final product starts with the selective mining of fireclay from Missouri which has been blessed with some of the finest fireclay in the world. Once the suitable quality has been mined it is calcined in our rotary kiln in High Hill, MO to maximize the mullite formation and density.

Mullite is an inert mineral phase of alumina and silica which is stable and non-reactive with the fluxes and glass formers within the boiler fuel. This stability will minimize balling and agglomeration in the boiler which can lead to inefficient fluidization and improper combustion of fuels. Our Calcined Flint Clay is also less susceptible to breaking down during operation and being removed from the boiler in the airstream as an abrasive carryover. Other materials which break down can lead to both loss of bed material and premature wear of transfer equipment.

We crush and screen the Calcined Flint Clay to specific sizes tailored for most boiler designs. These sizes 8×20 mesh, 10×20 mesh, and 12×20 mesh are manufactured in our ISO certified plant to be consistent in particle size and to contain a minimum of finer particles in order to reduce carryover.

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